Rutger van Hilst

Rutger van Hilst has been working in the international corporate and financial services industry since 2007 and has in-depth expertise and experience in fiduciary, fund, trust and corporate services.

Rutger holds a Master degree in corporate, social and economic law from the University of Utrecht, the Netherlands. After starting his career with ING Bank, he worked at CITCO in various legal, commercial and (senior) management roles. After joining AMS Financial Group in 2016, Rutger is heading the AMS office in the Netherlands and was asked to join the global management team of AMS Financial Group in 2018.

Rutger’s clients include high-net-worth individuals, corporations, fund structures and multinational (listed) companies in a wide range of sectors across the globe. He assists clients with tailor-made solutions for the set-up, implementation and maintenance of international corporate structures, and acts as Dutch resident director for various client companies.

In his current role as Chief Operating Officer of AMS Financial Group, Rutger is responsible for the design, implementation and improvement of business operations of AMS Financial Group.

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