Case Study: setting up operations in the Netherlands.

AMS Financial Group – Regulatory Compliance & Governance Solutions

AMS assisted an  international Portuguese construction and real estate conglomerate  with governance and operational services in the Netherlands

AMS Financial Group  was able to provide assistance to this Portuguese construction and real estate company  and help them expand and create operational substance  for their business operations  in the Netherlands

Client’s objective

The company required support and guidance to expand their business operations in the Netherlands by acquiring commercial real estate.

How were we able to assist?

With our personalised expertise, compliance and governance  infrastructure and know-how we assisted client to successfully establish their business operations in the Netherlands.
AMS Financial Group prepares financial accounting reports, payroll and company secretarial services and placed a full time employee on the payroll of client  as to take care of all administrative and comply with all governance processes in the Netherlands so they can focus on growing their business.

How can AMS Financial Group help you to comply with the latest governance and operational substance requirements in the Netherlands? 

AMS’ range of services in compliance,  governance and regulatory reporting, corporate secretarial, accounting, and operational business support will provide you and your business with a seamless and ideal environment to set up your business ventures.

As governance industry experts, we help manage the necessary administration and regulatory work, so that you can focus on growing your business

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