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Hong Kong is a leading international financial centre and the gateway to mainland China.

Investors are serviced by the largest banks in the world, with institutions offering a diverse range of sophisticated financial services. All major international accounting and audit firms have offices in Hong Kong, as do most of the leading international law firms.

The infrastructure, cost effectiveness, ease of doing business and an attractive taxation system create an environment conducive to setting up international business structures in the territory. In international circles, Hong Kong rates as a highly desirable jurisdiction in which to set up a business.

The tax system in Hong Kong is straightforward with a flat corporate rate of 16.5%. Hong Kong also has both personal income taxes and property taxes.

There are no capital gains taxes, sales taxes, estate duties, or withholding taxes on dividends or interest. There are also no capital exchange controls.

Importantly, a Hong Kong company is only taxed on its profits arising in or derived from a trade or business in Hong Kong, foreign-sourced income is therefore exempt from tax in Hong Kong.

Overview of services

The Hong Kong office has been in operation for over 20 years and provides a range of corporate secretarial, accounting and fiduciary services to both Hong Kong and other offshore companies, and also provides fund administration services to a range of alternative investment vehicles. The Hong Kong team have established close working relationships with professional advisors of entrepreneurs and high net worth families to set up and administer structures to provide asset protection and the transfer of wealth between generations.

The office has a global reach which provides clients who need a multi-jurisdictional solution can be serviced seamlessly and the expertise within the office and the group ensures that complex situations can be handled professionally and efficiently.

Our client base encompasses the whole spectrum, from single owner companies to family offices, from small corporate groups to large listed public companies.

Corporate and fiduciary services:

  • Company formation
  • Registered agent / office
  • Company secretary
  • Director services
  • Nominee Shareholders
  • Payroll
  • Trustee services
  • Accounting

Banking, investment and wealth management services:

  • Opening corporate bank accounts for Hong Kong and offshore vehicles
  • Opening private bank accounts for individuals and family trusts
  • Establishing family fund and personal investment structures

Contact Details:

For further information, please contact:

Barry Mitchell
Email barry.mitchell@amsfinancial.com
Tel +852 2147 2108 or +852 9096 1004 (mobile)


Stella Yeung
Email stella.yeung@amsfinancial.com
Tel + 852 2147 2108 or +852 3102 9926 (direct)

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