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Legal (re)structuring services

We can assist with the coordination and/or implementation of legal or tax (re)structuring of your legal entity or corporate structure.

Draft and review legal documentation

Our seasoned and dedicated staff are experienced with the drafting and /or reviewing of a wide range of legal documentation for our client entities, if needed in cooperation with external advisors.

Due Diligence investigations

A due diligence investigation is carried out as standard for acquisitions and mergers. It is essential for taking important investment and / or acquisition decisions. Nowadays, we also increasingly see requests for due diligence investigation for real estate transactions. It is almost standard to conduct a due diligence investigation when purchasing (commercial) real estate. AMS is able to provide the full range of services, from basic legal CDD services to full “risk” and “key issue”reporting.

Liquidation services

AMS can assist you by providing a range of services during the life cycle of your entity and we can be your partner from the moment of incorporation until the moment of dissolution. Through our liquidation services, we can arrange for the client entity to be liquidated and dissolved in accordance with local requirements.


AMS provides a full range of legal services through our affiliated law firm, AMS Law Limited (the “Firm”).

The Firm has lawyers originally qualified under the laws of England and Wales and Venezuela, who have spent considerable time living and practicing law in in the BVI as well as in other jurisdictions, both offshore and onshore. The Firm’s Managing Partner is a long serving member of the BVI legal and financial services community with proven experience in setting up and managing successful BVI legal practices in both BVI and Hong Kong.

The Firm specialises in international business, both for corporates and individuals, in particular advising on the operational and financing activities of companies established in the British Virgin Islands, all aspects of private client work including advice on the establishment and administration of private and commercial trusts and structuring private trust companies as well as the structuring and set up of open ended and closed ended investment funds including regulation of fund managers and administrators.

The Firm is committed to providing high quality, personalised legal services to its international and diverse clientele, which include large international law firms, retail and private banks, international trust companies and family offices, international accountancy firms and investment / asset managers. The Firm provides the right balance of technical know-how and commitment together with a commercial approach. The result: a commercially sound, technically correct and workable solution.

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