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Offering Memorandum / Legal Documentation


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Offering Memorandum / Legal Documentation

Our specialised team can take care of drafting and/or reviewing all offering, constitutional and ancillary documentation for the correct incorporation, licensing and corporate governance of the legal structures licensed/registered as investment funds and investment managers.

Our investment funds team can take care of drafting the Offering Memorandum for a diversity of investment vehicles based on the investment strategy desired by our clients. Each Offering Memorandum is tailored to the requirements of our client and is compliant with all local requirements of the jurisdiction selected for the Fund.

Some key factors for the drafting of the Offering Memorandum include:

  • Size of fund (assets under management)
  • Number of investors
  • Lead time for incorporation
  • Open-closed/Closed-ended nature
  • Amount of initial investment
  • Services providers to be appointed

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