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Tax compliance services

We can ensure that your company meets its tax filing deadlines and obligations, and are able to prepare (or co-ordinate with your tax advisor to prepare) the relevant tax returns / filings.

VAT services

We can file your VAT return(s) on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.

International structuring

In order to ensure tax efficiency and smooth coordination of tax consequences regarding international transactions, AMS is able to assist with the coordination of cross-border tax structuring, reporting and risk management.

Transfer pricing

Transfer pricing refers to the rules and methods for pricing transactions within and between enterprises under common ownership or control. Because of the potential for cross-border controlled transactions to distort taxable income, tax authorities in many countries can adjust intragroup transfer prices that differ from what would have been charged by unrelated enterprises dealing at arm’s length.

AMS can assist with the coordination, in consultation with an external TP specialist, of a sound transfer pricing policy, including the documentation thereof.

Substance reviews & solutions

OECD BEPS and other initiatives has led to more and more (financial) transparency around the world. The OECD recommendations have countries increasing regulation on ‘economic substance’ leading to more demand for substance reviews to ensure compliance with these new global requirements.

Key element in setting up a company in foreign jurisdiction is that it should be “driven by real economic activity”. Our local AMS experts are able to guide international entrepreneurs on the various substance requirements, and how to setup and implement this in a correct manner.

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